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"The female pelvis is a powerhouse of energy transformation; the very throne of creation through which universal creative energy patterns course and flow."

- Dr. Rosita Arvigo 
Julie is a certified Arvigo® abdominal massage therapist & registered midwife who is deeply passionate about educating women about their anatomy, including womb wellness. 


She strongly believes womb wellness is a vital element of your health that can affect you physically, emotionally and spiritually throughout any phase of life. Her holistic approach to Women's health over the past 12 years as a midwife and therapist has been aimed at educating and empowering women so they feel more informed to achieve their best possible outcomes. 


Julie looks forward to supporting you in your journey with positive intent.

If the uterus is out of balance then her entire life emotionally, physically and spiritually will be out of balance.

- Don Elijio Panti

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How Can Mayan Arvigo® Abdominal Massage help:

Arvigo® massage is a great stress reducer to relieve physical, mental and emotional tensions. Arvigo® Massage is excellent for:

Breaking down scar tissue

Reducing painful cramping

Endometriosis discomforts

(natural or Cesarean section births)

Change in sexual partners

Uterine fibroids

Decreasing infection

Helps with digestion & excreting toxins

Infertility/ recurrent miscarriage

Digestion/ bloating

Sexual trauma

Self esteem/ empowerment

Eliminating stagnant blood & tissue

Menstrual irregularity/ discomforts

Peri-menopause/ Menopause

Self-care following pregnancy loss

Self-love/ Mind-Body Connection

Pre and post hysterectomy


Womb Wisdom - Holistic Pelvic Care - What to Expect

Arvigo® massage is a gentle external, non-invasive and nurturing treatment of the abdominal and pelvic area that helps to loosen adhesions and scar tissue. It gently guides internal organs into their appropriate anatomical position for optimal health & wellbeing.

Massage increases blood flow to the uterus and ovaries therefore increasing nutrient and oxygen rich blood to the tissues, improving lymphatic flow. Thus allowing the lymphatic system to eliminate waste and toxins from the spaces between the cells which is important in preventing waste product build up between tissues which can cause cramping and spasms. 


As the uterus is not a fixed organ, but rather a hollow, muscular organ which can slip out of place because of ligaments that are subject to lengthening and shortening and because of distorted or inelastic connective tissue.


Pregnancy, childbirth and surgery can displace the uterus, but so can day to day activities such as running, lifting heavy objects, spending too much time at a desk or driving a car. Time and gravity can also weaken pelvic muscles and ligaments in older women causing the uterus to press on the bladder or become prolapsed and slip into the vagina. A ‘tipped’ uterus may occur for several reasons, as young women mature the uterus may not move into a neutral position. Pregnancy and childbirth can also tilt the uterus into a posterior or anterior position. 


Scarring from adhesions as a result of fibroids, terminations, endometriosis can also cause the uterus to tilt into a retroflexed state.  Mayan Abdominal Massage is very soothing and relaxing which activates parasympathetic response (rest and repair) that allows for healing to take place. 


Arvigo® to enhance fertility is beneficial either pre-conception and or in combination with invasive fertility treatments.  Fertility massage can support the body's natural ability to conceive and creates space for a mind-body connection. Although there is no definitive answer on how a displaced uterus impedes fertility, one theory is that sperm may have a less direct path to reach the fallopian tubes. Another holds that a displaced uterus does not get the optimal blood flow needed to provide a receptive landing spot for fertilised egg. What we do know is that stress is more prevalent than ever in today's society and attempting to conceive can add to those stressors, leading to problems with reproductive health and libido. 


Mayan Abdominal Massage brings POSITIVE INTENT healing to the womb, an area of the body that does not get a lot of love and attention.

Yoni Steams/ V Steams

Yoni steaming is an ancient practice in most cultures but relatively new to our Western culture. Yoni refers to the exterior vulva, the vagina and the internal womb. All of which benefit from the medicinal properties of the yoni steaming herbs. 


The practice is a powerfully fulfilling experience that rejuvenates body, mind and soul. As it relaxes the nervous system the steam brings healing warmth to the womb and the pelvic floor allowing an increase in circulation and energy flow to the pelvis. Yoni steaming is both healing and insightful which ultimately allows for a deeper compassionate connection within yourself.

Womb Wisdom Offerings

Womb wellness Arvigo Session

90 minutes 


Womb wellness Arvigo Session
& V Steam

90 minutes


Womb wellness Arvigo for teens

60 minutes 


Womb wellness Package
(3 Arvigo sessions)

90 minutes per session


Womb wellness
V Steam

40 minutes



"Everything in the universe is within you.
Ask all from yourself."
- Rumi


Get in Touch

Julie Waterhouse BA, MA(Hons), BHSc Midwifery,

RM and Arvigo® Therapist

Thanks for getting in touch, I will get back to you asap.

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